Turkey to Cyprus solo.

Rich Carey
Thu 16 Mar 2017 14:47
Couple of days waiting for a weather window, then off. 24 hours should and did do it. Bit of a bumpy night with a bit of a scramble, when a 30 knot blast came out of knowwhere, as I had the full main up!
As my first solo night out, I was on red alert, but all went to plan. The cloudy night with no moon was dark and cold, so not exactly fun, but I enjoyed it. Watching the juggernauts of the ocean around you on the AIS, is quite unique. They move fast and relentlessly, appearing on the horizon and zooming past with contempt for the little white minnows that pretend to be worthy of their turf - white blue wet turf!
Northern Cyprus coast guard (Turkish), called at very dark o clock, and we had a chat about my wrong registration details. Oops! My boat reg had changed from UAE to Cook Islands, but my AIS Class B unit had not yet been reprogrammed. They accepted my excuse, and I wasn't shelled from some dark patrol boat of the night!

Motored into Larnaca Marina bang on schedule, to a waiting Karen, Bosun, and Chance who'd flown in from the UK on Uni spring break.

A really solid experience.

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