Poopie beach

Rich Carey
Wed 12 Jul 2017 05:30
37:30.216N 13:4.67E

Hmmm. Cruised on flat flat water up to Sciacca, and didn't like. Couldn't raise them on the phone, to book ahead. Couldn't raise them on the radio as we approached. Fuel doc was closed, and the only person around in the Marina gave a flat out 'no' to berthing a Catamaran! Fortunately the fuel pumps opened an hour later, and the second company of this duel owned scrappy marina, had a visitors berth for us. Then as I walked Bosun, I came on a small beach with a creek poring raw sewage straight into the sea. Man o man, the stink! We'd planned to stay for 3 nights, but, left after the one!
Next stop is the jump off for Sardinia. There is some weather coming, so as the Sardinia hop is a 170nm overnighter, we'll likely be waiting 5 or so nights for a window. Let's hope the wait is in a nicer place than the hopefully soon forgotten Sciacca, which didn't rate a single photo!