Larnaka Marina

Rich Carey
Fri 17 Mar 2017 15:01
We'd prevaricated about the Marina to use for the two week wind up to the real start, and settled on Larnaca as it seemed more dog friendly. Limassol Marina is a bit snooty "O my God sir! Your mut has pooped in my eyeline!"

Larnaca was fine. Ramshackled, but 'working'. We spent about a fortnight moving aboard and calling x86 home. Wet and coldish. The Med summer was on slow start up.

Lots of jobs, including mast work with my new mast climber gear, changing the radar unit.

As I'd brought the boat into Cyprus, customs didn't like my VAT unpaid status, but gave us three weeks before we needed to foxtrot Oscar. Just enough, although in the end we overran by a week due to weather. They didn't mind.

Had some great days with son Bob and family, stationed in Cyprus. Chance enjoyed his break, and Bosun got to see and feel snow for the first time - he rolled in it like a nutter - brilliant fun.

Time to start moving.

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