Bosun shore leave cancelled

Rich Carey
Sun 7 Jan 2018 19:20
Too swelly welly. Three days in windy bay (Grand Case Bay), ended up with a significant swell, and waves crashing onto the beach. Our jetty was awash, so when Chance and I took Bosun for a wee run - not happening. Poor fellow got to smell land up close as we circled to see if we dared run the gauntlet, but in the end all he got was chickens, as Chance and I decided to head back to boat.

The photo is from the day before. We'd left the tender at the jetty and walked 500 meters (sheltering every 100 meters, from mighty bursts of rain), to a grocery shop. It was well stocked and as the boat wasn't, we availed. Sent Chance back to get tender and bring it closer to shop. When we got back to him on beach with small ton of groceries, and large box beer, he was soaking wet. He'd slipped on jetty and fallen in! Lost his prescription sun glasses - plonker!
Chance and Karen took shopping to boat, and I walked Bosun along the beach to the jetty, where they would meet us. The photo, shows the  typical destruction, we've been talking about.

Had a brainwave in the night, and executed operation 'poop away' mid morning. Took the breather pipe outlet off the top of the poop tank, and managed to get a 3ft piece of plastic into the  top of the tank. After much sloshing about, probing, and a fair bit of cursing, managed to guide plastic down blocked base outlet. There was a bit of a gurgle, and then a magnificent constipation busting woooosh! We are now all well in the toilet department!

After 3 days in the wind tunnel, we up anchored at 04:15, and pointed us at the British Virgin Islands. We expect to pass Richard Branson's place, at about 15:00 this afternoon, and anchor of the currently destroyed 'Bitter End' yacht club.

All's well on x86, sailing dead downwind, wing on wing.

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