The undulating ice rink

Rich Carey
Tue 21 Nov 2017 09:44
Flatty flat flat. So now we fish.

We deliberately didn't buy any fish, choosing to overload the two freezers with meat. If we catch a whopper (unlikely), we'll likely throw it back. Same same with the smallies. Mediums, we'll keep and BBQ that day. Our Norwegian's know what they are doing! Of course they do, they're Vikings - this gives me some hope of a fish supper.

Bosun had some food today. At the start of these long and looooong passages he's nervous and eats scanty, but that can't last. No 'business' yet, but experience says he'll wait as long as he has the choice, then ...

I watched two episodes of 'Billions' after my 00:00 - 02:00 watch, and am really enjoying the Series.

The Norwegian's are thoroughly enjoying themselves, as are we their company, and Silvia has started to enjoy herself a bit more. Silvia is very Italian, and rather 'designer' - long fingernails even. There was some friction at the start, as she's done a few courses and thought she knew a lot. A couple of days out and she realizes that the 'lot' is what she has to learn. Credit where it's due, she's now being a little bit more receptive.

We still have boats around us, all motoring into a very light breeze. The intent is to try and get below the windless patch and start picking up the trades. It's worth motoring - no choice really - but the worry is that half way across you meet a dead patch, and you've burned through too much fuel earlier. Drifty McDrifty face.

All's rather lovely on x86, and I smell the Chef of the day making our omlette breakfast :-)

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