Bloody great

Rich Carey
Sun 22 Jul 2018 22:46
16 31.684S, 151 44.635W

Three nights on a ball, off the well known restaurant - Bloody Mary's - no charge as long as you eat there.

With the name, we expected one of those legendary yacht tiki bar meet-up places, but alas this is a tourist magnet of the 5 star variety. Really nice mind, but expensive, and mind your P's & Q's posh like. Not the sort of place you pull out the UNO deck and tell the waiter to come back later. The ordering was a bit weird also. As you enter they have all the fish and meat dishes laid out on a big bed of ice and you order before being shown your table - odd, and I guess a novelty, but more likely a throughput  tactic. Anyway, we played UNO for an hour in the garden before going in properly :-).

Also just 100 meters away from us, was the water base for one of the larger tour companies, and parked outside - Jet skis - we booked two for us laddish lads pdq, for the next day.

Upon arrival, next day, we mounted our expensive steeds for a two hour basharoony. First we did training on how to handle the beasts. The training was "start button, stop button, throttle trigger, let's GO!". Flipping heck, I couldn't steer the thing and they are really aggressive machinery! My issue was that you feel like your on a motorbike, and with a bike you only turn when your doing less that 5mph, all other times you lean to turn. These things require strong steering input all the time to turn - it took some mental adjustment.Chance was a natural.
The two hours was a straightforward round the Island blast, but after half an hour, and a quick stop at a pure blue bay, where we could mess about and practice, it became a LOT of fun.

So despite BM's being not a yachts as I'd hoped, we did enjoy this stop.

All's well on x86, Chance with very sore arms!

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