They abandoned ship

Rich Carey
Mon 26 Feb 2018 20:59
Since the last update, things have continued positive. Karen did all the heavy lifting regards Bosun. His arrangements, docs, flights, etc, have been a bit of an ordeal (mainly personal generated stress) - but - success, she nailed it.
I continued the boat jobs, and seem to run out of jobs to do, which pretty much never happens! Even replaced the broken TV.

For our last weekend we went on Saturday to San Juan and enjoyed the old town, and Sunday went back up the rain forest. Unfortunately they'd not progressed much from our last visit, but we did find a good forest walk this time. Bosun the desert dog was fascinated by the smells :-)

And then, last night. We had some odd activity in the Marina, with a couple off powerfull ribs turning up, and a number of cops/coastguard onshore. There was also a Coastguard Ship hovering offshore. Turns out that a 32ft yacht I'd earlier observed, anchored in an odd place, was in fact aground! High tide was just before dark, thence we watched a powerful dedicated 'tug rib', literally rip the yacht off the reef at dusk. Man it was real ugly - the boat was at 45 degrees for several meters and  thereafter difficult to steer (half full of water). They towed it right to our marina, and passed within yards of us. The specialist rib had a high powered pump and there was a fire hose of water pumping off the disabled yacht. We could clearly hear what people were shouting and radio traffic. In the end it was clear that because Sunbay Marina have no yacht haul out facility, they were told to take the boat away immediately! Seems harsh, but as it's not a life threatening scenario, they refused to accept a boat that may well sink in their water, and mess with their business, which after all, involves extensive boat transits. So, the tow limped off with the towed, in the direction of a bigger marina (we with haul out facility),  four miles away - here's hoping they made it, as it was well black by then!

So - time for x86 to move again.

Bosun departed at 09:00 this morning. It's already a bit weird. The big fella has been resident and with me every single day for the last year, and now he's gone. Gone! x86 already feels different.
He is now the charge of the animal movers, who took him off in his new crate, for vet checks and an overnight in kennels. Tomorrow they get government to issue docs for his international transfer, and Wednesday he flies off to Scotland! Last time he flew (Dubai to Cyprus), we expected the worst, but he was absolutely fine by the time we received him, so this time we are not so worried (even though it's two flights and twice the time).
He's been sleeping in his cage, in the saloon on the boat for a few days, so when we loaded it on the pickup van, he hopped in - no worries mate :-).
He's tied me down 'a lot' over the last year, and despite now been free of that, I'm really going to miss having him ever present :-(

Karen lingered a bit longer, but eventually departed at 14:30. She's in the San Juan Airport hotel for two nights, then beats Bosun to Scotland by a day (he has a night stopover in Newark), to be ready to receive him from the movers.
Very sad to see her go as well, as this Caribbean leg has been really great. Despite the devastation and the minor challenges/issues, we've had a pretty amazing time. She'll now be based in Scotland for a while, and by the sounds of it, it'll be white for her first few days.

Now alone, I await a new crew member. I was going on alone from here, but last week had a brain wave. The young fella I had aboard from Gib to the Canaries (to lighten the load for Tim and I), had gone on after that jaunt, to do the ARC with Tim! Then he went home to Venezuela. Hmm, I gave him a shout and asked him if he wanted to do another Seawind month, from here to Columbia, and then the Panama Canal. Well, he arrives tomorrow, and we set sail, as soon as he's aboard :-).

So, Puerto Rico was an outstanding stop for exactly three weeks. Lots of jobs done. Bosun sorted. Next leg planned. And that leg is - Columbia by next weekend; stay there for 5 nights; move to Panama; do Canal processes/payments and wait for Transit Slot (up to 2 weeks); Transit Canal (two days); re-provision in Panama City. Do Pacific!

All's well on x86, despite being abandoned!