Stinky McStinkFace

Rich Carey
Fri 26 Jan 2018 01:51
Never have sailors needed wind as much as we. The stink is now at close to fainting level (which is well above farting level), when the air is still. We've needed to extend for the weekend, to get some stuff done, and are praying that the forecast bigger winds come soon, and act as a dispersant to aid survival. I'm taking two extra beer medicines a day. Might need to move dosage, from evening to hourly.

Mosquitos are also a trial. There aren't clouds of them, but they're always around, and painfully persistent. With no shore power, we can't use the AC, which is challenging when you need to lock down all boat orafaces at night, to keep the barstewards out.

I did the hop to the USA Virgin Islands today. Man it was a tough old beast of a metal ferry for 80 minutes there. The thing reverberated and jinked like an ancient rollercoaster.
Got into the USA with head shot, finger printing, and standard customs "you're definitely a criminal aren't you?" stare - but no cavity searching. Passport stamped. Job jobbed. Now good to go, with x86 next week.

Took one of the open air big Bertha taxis for $1 to the Marina that we'll go to Monday or Tuesday, depending on wind. There we can do the country check-in. Then got a regular taxi out to Red Hook ferry station, from where the 'human smoothie maker ferry', took just 50 minutes back to Road Harbor.

My estimate of the BVI recovery is about 40-60%. Estimate of USVI recovery is about 60-80%.

Chance is out tomorrow arvo. Unlucky - his connection has a delay, so he'll be in Antigua airport for 6 hours. At least the London to Scotty connection is middle of the day, so he'll not be painfully stuck trying to get back to UNI at some awful hour. Talking of which - his end of year exams result, was 18/20. That's just amazing.

All's well on x86, 'deeted' and locked down for the night.

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