Oy! Rack off you lot!

Rich Carey
Wed 17 Jan 2018 15:27
18 43.470N 64 23.111W

So said the Aussie. The mooring balls at Anegada are rather tight - any snugger, and there'd be Catamaran babies. The group that recommended flatty batty Anegada (28ft highest point), reported 30 balls but only 12 takers. We arrived & hooked the last free ball. The Aussies minor expletives however, were more jest than angst, as it's rather interesting being in such a tight community in only 2m of water. Tenders buzzing around, 4 nice beach bars consuming water bourne grockles, and a surprising amount of shelter from wind and waves. Kind of mooring ball marina. A tender just went passed us, with a precipitous lean - 7 occupants and a 'super size me' American woman on one side ...

One bar was blaring 80's singles all across the bay, but someone ejected the CD at 22:15. We could live with that. One thing I can't live with, is the the cage in the sea out front of every restaurant. Therein the lobsters await their fate. I really really don't like lobsters - look, smell, or taste - but I wouldn't wish pre eaten beach cage holding cell on them. Horrid horrid business :-(

Bosun loving it here. Sand and more sand. The truly GREAT thing about sand, is that when he comes home - NO PAW PRINTS all over boaty - yeeehaaaa!!! Now he's roaming pretty freely on land, Karen has his led collar on at night - has it on him I mean. It's most amusing when he's sprinting in the dark with it on - would be less so if Karen was sprinting in the dark with it on! :-)

All's well on x86, now outbound from flatty batty.