Estapona & 'The Rock'

Rich Carey
Wed 30 Aug 2017 09:55
36:24.897N 5:9.448W

As we woke in Estapona, with a mere 22nm to Gibraltar, we were glad we did the 32nm yesterday. However, we really should have stayed another night in 'Swelly', as yesterday's trip was wind and swell against tide, and zero fun. We had to coast creep to avoid the worst of the slamming - but done is done, and today we have it easy peesy.
Estapona was lovely, great restaurants, well looked after, reasonable price. Alas the fresh water pump died, but I have an old one as a spare, so Chance and I swapped it out.

Today we point at the giant rock, and cruise in fairly benign sea state, little wind, and blue skies. This afternoon there will be a summer thunderstorm, but we should be tied up by then. La Linea for two nights while we sort out Karen and Chances Shengen visas issue, then pop next door into Ocean Village Gibraltar for 5 weeks, mostly boat prep for the Canaries 5 days non stop run, and then 'the big one'.

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