No poop, just 200 litres of water

Rich Carey
Sun 8 Oct 2017 19:06
32 32.656N 02 29.678W

Bosun ... well the subject line begins with his story. The subject line ends however, with a 'water-maker performs as advertised' story. The water-maker was fitted in January of this year, and as per anything in the marine world, is subject to strong wear and tare. This as we haven't needed it yet (staying usually in Marinas), it went untried. Unfortunately there should have been a 'RTFM' and wasn't, so I didn't put it into proper suspension. Thus when testing it last month, the water smelt bad and didn't taste great. Fortunately I did order a full spares pack and was able to change all pre-filters and run a 100 liters of fresh water through it, and after a fair bit of ado, we are now makin our own lovely fresh water. Today thus saw the inaugural tank fill, as I replaced all the water used in the last 60 hours (200L). Nice :-)

All good heading into night 3 to the Canaries.

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