Mikonos (Mykonos)

Rich Carey
Tue 16 May 2017 06:24
On the face of it (photo), this location might not seem to be idyllic, but it is ideal. We knew it was a big ship port and expected the worst (the attractive stuff is a couple of miles down the coast). With a big blow coming, we only cared about a decent safe place to park. As that's what we got - we happy - very. In fact the aspect is good, the shop is close, the bar restaurant a stone's throw, and watching the big ships glide around is fun. So also are the antics of fellow sailors, of whom for some, skill is yet to befall! We are against the wall, snug as, so the next four days of wind are of little concern (but never none) - that's something of a luxury in the Meltemi zone. Today we go to the town, nicknamed little Venice, by water taxi from the stop just 200 meters away. Nice to let someone else do the steering 😎
Two euro per human, nowt for doggo.

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