Dystopian sunk stuff.

Rich Carey
Thu 18 Jan 2018 15:30
18 28.386N 64 34.537W

Nice bay. Bugger all there, but finally have been to a sufficient number of places like this, to get Karen to agree that the Caribbean does indeed look like the Caribbean. Golden sands, isolation, mangroves, palms, blabla happy blabla.

Stuffed at Cluedo again, but not talking about that.

Chance finally rebelled against the cheap cereal his mom's been dishing, insisting that he gets the SpecialK, or he's going on hunger strike (until lunchtime).

Tender engine is playing up a bit, resulting in Chance crashing into the back of x86 a couple of times. At first I thought he'd just screwed up, but I had to agree in the end (I was still able to enjoy having a bit of a rant anyway :-)). Need to look at that engine. Then may need to stop looking, and do something.

Chance has 7 days left so we needed to push on after just the one night stop, so headed to a nearby town to get provisions, and then will head to Cooper Island for the night. Little bit busier over there, but beach looks ok for Bosun.

Provision shopping success. K&C were shore party, B&I guarded boat, as we are again in dystopian  land. In the pano, you can make out three boats sunk in the harbor, some smashed ashore, and some mastless. Ugly biz

All's well on x86 with provisions inbound.

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