Stinky Montserrat

Rich Carey
Tue 2 Jan 2018 14:58
16:42.414N 062:15.619W

Left Honore afore dawn light stuff. Some irresponsible prat blasted through the flat calm anchorage at 04:30 in a large engined tender and bow wave slammed a dozen yachts - GRRRR.There was a positive, in that it got us up for an earlier start than planned. We should now make St Kitts before dark.

As we passed Montserrat, a huge cloud of volcanic gas's, slid down the hill towards us - it was rather stinky pinky. We could see the paths of the huge lave flows that destroyed half the Island in 1992, and the two large deserted towns. Place is strewn with massive bolders. Very interesting indeed.

Tremendous sailing day. Fairly flat with 15 knots at 90 degrees, so we're bowling along at 7 knots pretty consistent. Initially motored for two hours to power the water generator and fully charge the battery, then sailing all day.

All is super on x86, now that stinky is gone.

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