Five hours on the toilet - now tired

Rich Carey
Sat 4 Nov 2017 20:00

Port loo finally broke. No surprise, just a heap of work. Did the job properly, with a full service, end to end (no pun intended).

New macerator pump; Replaced 3 meters of 25mm waste pipe, all the way back to the holding tank; Decalcified all joints and the base of the toilet bowel (4 years of calcified unspeakable).
Because yachts use salt water for flushing, they are vastly nastier than home fresh water systems.
The was no smell issue, but for an unexpected reason. As Bosun and I trotted off to get the pipe, it pored with rain. This, as ever in countries with not much rain, completely inundated the Las Palmas sewerage system, which overflowed into the Marina and my harbor. O man, the stink! So back on the boat, the vapor trail from my work was hardly noticable! It's been a VERY stinky day.

The full moon is back, so me and the Bosun, are looking at 'The Great Wall of Las Palmas' again. The moon has an effect on living creatures, as you might be able to see in the photo, if you zoom in on Bosun!

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