Ahoy me hearties - Atlantic crew signed

Rich Carey
Thu 14 Sep 2017 10:15
I had expected the crew search for the Atlantic crossing, to be a tortuous affair. I got lucky.
The crew finding website turned out to be an excellent tool. Within two weeks of setting up the ARC crossing offer, I had 50 expressions of interest.
Under 30 was too young, and over 60 was too risky, which helped prune the list. To cut a long story short, last week I signed up a really nice Norwegian couple with qualifications and some experience, and an equally experienced and enthusiastic 37 year old Italian lady. They are all qualified day skippers, which is really good to have. You don't need people with thousands of ocean miles under their belt, you just need people who have taken the right approach, (done official training).
My experience of Norwegians, is that they are pragmatic, respectful, and confident - I'm sure they are a great choice, and they will really enjoy the adventure. Silvia, our Italian contingent, had written a good summary of herself on the crew site, but she impressed most, by interrogating me to see if I was good enough!

I think we have a super balance, and with five of us aboard, it should be a very pleasant voyage, although Bosun only partakes in light duties, like  crew morale :-)

All set :-)