Bosun 'Hit Man' Carey

Rich Carey
Sat 3 Feb 2018 16:21

18 20.196N 64 55.212W


In Charlotte Amalie (US Virgin Islands), at the $150 a night fancy Yacht Haven Grande Marine, the grass like all else, is 'superior', but not all that soft. I was giving Bosun a run across a wide expanse of the green stuff, when he swung in on a fast circular trajectory from the side, and took my legs out like an Australian rugby winger. I went down like a sack of potatoes. At 20 I’d have hardly hit the ground. At 30 I’d have sprung back up. At 40 I’d have clambered back up. At 50 I’d have staggered back up. At 60 I lay winded and winging, like an old fart. Lucky I didn’t have a sawn off handy, or Bosun ‘Spare Rations’ Carey would be now sleeping in the freezer. When eventually vertical, I thought there a fair chance I’d broken me hip – yep that bad. Next day after a difficult night (couldn’t even get to the pub – yep that bad), I felt like a complete fraud with no visible markings. But, bad things come to those that wait, and now (writing this a few days after the fact due to dodgy interweb around USVI), I sport a magnificent bruise the size of the rugy ball in the game that Bosun thought we were playing. We’re still not talking.


CharlAm was pretty good. Certainly the best ‘town’ I’ve seen this side of the puddle, most others being battered, busted, begging belief. Got the funny taxi’s several times - coiffure totally banjaxed. Cleared in and out real easy. Went to vet to get Bosun his next health cert – I wanted to have him put down while there, but Karen vetoed – ok I’m kidding, but I’m definitely still not talking to him!


Wanted to get a good shore power charge in the batts, but this is now the USA, yea, a dearth of volts, a 50% dearth of voltages. So no ‘Voltos R US’ in the US. Did find exact torch that we have – the big bertha blaster J - woohoo, snatched that up quick smart, for a spare. Took it back and found it busted, so took it back back, and swappered it as they had two. Then went to another Chandler about 30 minutes away – found nothing to buy – heartbroken.


All’s well on x86, bruised but not out.


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