Death in Paradise

Rich Carey
Sun 31 Dec 2017 22:58
New Years Eve, and we're in Honore (!) the fictitious Caribbean village for the BBC Series of the subject of this post. The temp is perfect, the wind is pretty lively, but we're well hooked. It's just so cool, to be in a 'somewhere' for the end of year. Deshaies, as the place is really called, is just another Caribbean village, but it'll do us well for the next few days.  We are anchored with 45 other yachts in a very defined little bay -  tight but not too tight. We came in decisively, and did a perfect anchor - high 5 to Karen and Chance, who are now 'well good crew'. Bosun  went ashore (!) as reports are, that as long as you have the usual heap of docs on your dog, you're not likely to get a gazillion dollar fine here, for not reporting to 10 different offices! He thus happy. We thus happy :-)

All great on x86 on New year's Eve ;-)

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