Daily Life

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 5 Jul 2007 07:07
Position 45 23' N  15 48' W  About halfway between Bordeaux and La Rochelle on the French coast and 600 miles west
Actually on working out our position I was amazed to find that we are closer to Plymouth than the French coast! Geography is a funny old thing. Many people have asked what do you do all day aboard a yacht when sailing? To give some idea I will list what we did yesterday:
Radio schedule ( Chatting with other yachts re weather etc.)
Hoisted Spinnaker
A lesson in Radar operation (We saw a ship approaching)
Made a curry
A second radio schedule ( With someone who should have been in harbour)
Catch,clean and fillet a 6Kg Tuna
Clean the boat (after the above)
Tea & biscuits
Bake bread
Lower spinnaker
Sort out and hoist sails for the nightwatch
Evening radio schedule
Have supper (Tuna, the curry was cancelled!)
Of course we were still looking out for Ships(2), dolphins(Many), whales(A pod) and any other interesting things that pass you by. I only managed a couple of pages of my book yesterday so I'm looking foreward to getting into Plymouth in order to have a holiday.