Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 24 Nov 2005 21:35
All at Sea: 24th November 2005
At long last we are sailing, very calmly, south.  It is dark, I am alone on watch, writing this email, and listening to Herb, a radio weather router, on the SSB radio.   When yachts call in with their position, he knows what their weather is, and tells them what to expect over the next few days.  There is a tropical storm in the Atlantic which has just developed into a hurricane.  Yachts are calling in saying, 'This is Challenger, we are getting pretty beat up in 50 knots of storm'.   We are way way east of it, and have near perfect winds ourselves at the moment of about fifteen knots.  Unfortunately it might cause problems for ARC boats all heading west....
The girls did not want to leave on a long passage, and Mimi has been crying and
getting sick, but is now happily watching a DVD having eaten a bag of crisps. 
Otti is asleep,  Steve is trying to get settled, and Chris is napping in the focsle.
We have just eaten a big chicken stew for supper, and a cabbage.   I am glad to be rolling through the night away from Tenerife, but don't know what it will be like to be on the boat for a whole week, which is how long it will take if we do well all the way.
I do know that it is absolutely   BRILLIANT  having the SSB, being able to listen to all the other boats, and hear weather, is magic.   We will try and start a kids net tomorrow, and get all the boat kids to have a natter in the morning.
Chris is very releived to at last be off, as he has found it quite stressfull, waiting for the right sailing weather, in the face of hoards of boats which left in unfavorable winds, and then paid the price.   Some had to motor for days, others battle headwinds, or even turn back.   All he has to do now is sail, as the dye is cast.