Leaving Bermuda

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 27 May 2007 14:14
Position 30 50' N  61 12' W
I think we are all a bit sorry to  leave Bermuda as we all enjoyed the relaxed easy life style there. It really is a very pretty place, very verdant and with the houses painted in all the pastel shades under the sun, together with the various shades of the sea, it is extremely colourful. The hedgerows contain a myriad of colourful flowers and you can hardly get away from views of the sea as although the island consists of a series of islands about twenty two miles long linked by causeways and bridges they are never more than two miles wide. Every corner you turn give you yet another view of open water, sandy cove or inlet, and of course boats everywhere, ferries being just as important as the bus service.The roads are all narrow, twisting and together with the small fields some parts are very reminiscent of Cornwall/Scillies. It is also very clean and tidy looking as everyone appears to keep their gardens in good order with the parks and public places also kept up to scratch The historical sites are also refreshing in that instead of the more common notices everywhere telling you what you can and can't do the ones in Bermuda are merely open and you just wander around where your fancy takes you no guides, no hassle, and for a Scotsman, no fees to pay!  There can't be many places left in the world where someone getting on a bus greets the whole bus with a cheery goodmorning/afternoon, you could possibly get locked away if you went around London doing that. Wandering around the main town of Hamilton doing our gullible tourists impersonation a chap in his car just stopped in the middle of the road and asked where we were going and proceeded to give us directions, with the traffic just calmly stacking up behind him. Now into our second night at sea and still without any significant wind, although it has picked up a bit in the last hour. Once again we are frustrated in that we can't head where we want to as we've been advised that there is a small depession heading our way so we are going slightly South to avoid it. Looking at the chart it certainly seems a long way for a shortcut! but we'll get there eventually.