Day 8 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 14 Dec 2005 15:11
Day 8 Atlantic Crossing, position N13' 37'W, December 14th.
Well , we are really fed up.  We are motoring again, basically until we run out of safely useable fuel, or until we find wind.  We are all boiling hot.   We have to keep drinking water,(lovely brown water), to make up for all the sweat.  Because of water rationing on board, things are not being washed as often as they should be. 
We have run out of lots of things that we're used to eating.  I dream of yoghurt, and kick myself for not bringing a culture to make in the thermos.   I feel that I have provisioned inadequately.  The last place we were in with a supermarket that sold food as we know it was in the Canaries, and we left there on the 24th of November, so that is why we have run out of anything remotely fresh apart from onions and cabbages.  The Cape Verdes sold bananas and some incredibly expensive things.  Lemons were nearly a pound each etc.   I spent ten pounds on twenty apples.
We have just passed the 'third' mark, so two thirds to go.
This trip is turning out to being a real slog, of trying to sleep in the rolling sea, and trying to stay awake on watch.   If we keep going at our current crawl we will reach the end of our journey on the 30th December.  It just shows that you shouldn't assume anything at sea, as this trip was meant to take around 14 days.  Our friends, on Starlight, which is admittedly a fast boat, reckoned on 10 days, and made it in 11.
Funnily enough, the only thing that we are enjoying is school, which gives a routine and shape to the morning.   Afternoons for the girls are spent reading or watching DVD's.
Cheerio until tomorrow's moan.
Lunch: Omelette.    Supper: ??Risotto