Madeira (still)

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 10 Oct 2005 21:41
Maderia, 10th October 2005
We are STILL in Madeira, feeling rather like Noah did before he floated off in the ark.  It has been deluging down here for four or five days, so much so that the cliff above the marina collapsed in one part and came crashing through the roof of the cafe in a rock slide.   No one was killed thank goodness, although the road is still shut.  Otti, Mimi, and I had walked past on the way to the showers three minutes before hand.  When we came out we walked back a different way!!!   We have been swimming in muddy rough flooded seas, on the man-made beach,(with sand from Morocco...)
We are hoping that the seas will calm down a bit  from 'hurricane' Vincent, really a large depression that has taken five days to transit Madeira, before we leave for Lanzarote.   The marina has a huge swell in it from all the wind, and several boats have broken ropes, pulling against them.   There was a bang from the next boat, and it was a fairlead blowing apart, followed by the starboard side of the pulpit being wrenched off.  Chris has been up and down like a yo-yo checking lines.  The marina also seems to be full of sewage which is pretty unpleasant. 
Tomorrow we are having a trip to Funchal to go to the 'History of Madeira' museum, as a school outing.
Mimi says: 'It is really cool here, and also lots of friends.  The showers are nice and warm and it is fun to go swimming as well.   Also the waves are humungous.   I like school kind of.  Send you all my love.  From Mimi.'
Otti says: 'It is frizzling hot here, and there are lots of English boats.  The man made beach by us has Morroccan sand on it which is heaps good!   See ya, Ott'
Chris says: 'No comment.  Ummmm.  We don't seem to have done much these few days.'