Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 20 Jul 2005 15:12
July 16th 2005
We got to Gijon (Heecchhon) on Saturday and immediately met two other boats with live-aboard cruisers.   So networking and information swapping has begun at last.  We know of four other boats heading our way, three with kids on board.   Lack of friends for Otti and Mimi is continuing to be a problem, as we still haven't met up with live aboard kids.   They have compensated  admirably by playing together loads and loads, sometimes jammed on the cockpit floor with a blanket, whilst underway, and at other times harnessed onto the cutter
sail boom.
This is a picture of Otti and Mimi on the boom, coming into Spain, Santander, after crossing Biscay, which took us two and a half days from Ile D'Yeu.
July 20th
As you have probably all gathered I'm finding this web-site thing a bit of a challenge.  Basically anything with wires on it is mine to puzzle out, whilst Chris does ropes.  Having said that he changed the oil and filter on the volvo penta deisel engine, sucessfully.....yesterday,( with lots and lots of cursing and swearing). We are all learning new skills,I just wish that we had a radio to practice my transmits on now that I am so overqualified with radio certificates.
Mimi says: 'Hi, I'm learning how to swim. Otti's giving me swimming lessons.  I know how to swim.  I'm learning how to knit and at the moment knitting a scarf for Mrs Mounter'
Otti says:  'It's very boring on the boat, on passages.  I like swimming.  I'm reading Harry Potter and the half blooded Prince.'
Mimi says: 'If you see Fred say woo and sponge to him'.