Los Testigos to Margarita New Year's Eve

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 1 Jan 2007 17:42
From Los Testigos to Polomar, Margarita 31st December 2006
Finally craving something a little more exciting than dune walking and swimming, we set sail from our peaceful anchorage in Los Testigos for the metropolis of Polomar, in Margarita around fifty miles downwind, or West of us.   Margarita is the equivalent of Blackpool on the Isle of Wight, a buzzing holiday island fifteen miles off the mainland of Venezuela.
Bye Bye Testigos:
On Passage:
Hello Polomar!
Happy New Year Everybody!
We went ashore at Polomar after we arrived on new year's eve, and joined the usual motley crew of die hard cruisers.   There was a 'Pot-Luck' where everybody brings some food and shares it.  We did extremely well, taking a bowl of pasta, and scoffing loads of delicious salads and dips.  VEGETABLES!  Three cheers, as we have had very few in the last few days.  Our stay in Testigos was meant to be four days, but ended up being ten days, so stores are at an all time low.  We didn't stock up more before we left as food in Venezuela is meant to be mega cheap.  Sadly shops were shut last night, and today, so it's pasta until tomorrow.   We all crashed out way before midnight, but were woken up by new year's mayhem, thousands of bangers and fireworks and horns and flares blasting away.
Mimi says: 'The fireworks were like BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!'
Otti says:  'It was wicked because all the fireworks were going crazy!!'
Kid's dens on deck, New Year's Day.