Day 11 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 17 Dec 2005 13:29
Day 11 Atlantic Crossing, Position 13'N 44'W, Saturday 17th December 2005
So we are hurtling along at 7 knots in a 20 knot breeze, and it sounds as though we are living in a washing machine.  I got seasick all over again yesterday.....The boat is corkscrewing around like mad over a lumpy sea.   The girls seem to be handling it well, not too many 'tummy aches'.  We are meant to have our half way party today, but it feels hard to celebrate as objects hurtle over your head and join the jumble on the floor, and you feel a bit green.  At least you don't get as hot in this breeze.   All our friends have gone off the radio net, because they have all arrived.........too busy partying and washing clothes I suspect.   Ah well, I guess we'll get there one of these weeks.
Flying fish: did not manage to penetrate cabins last night, three cheers, just a few unfortunate casualties in the gunnels.
Lunch: fajitas and tinned chicken    Supper: ? Lasagne and orange jelly.