First Impressions

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 15 Apr 2007 00:49
An easy flight to Cancun via Houston, saw us arrive on time in the huge arrival hall. However things did not appear to good as only one desk appeared open, two flights had arrived and we were on a tight schedule to catch the ferry. The system seemed to work and we were soon out looking for a taxi with our mountain of luggage. The taxi driver did seem to understand where we were going despite our limited spanish, we soon reached the ferry terminal, as described by Chris, and he drove staight passed it, kept going down a long dark road away from civilisation and street lights, were going to be mugged or worse!! We eventually ended up at the car ferry which had long since go to bed and I had to ask why would two people without a car need a car ferry?? Prblem sorted out getting late mad dash back to real ferry means we only just made the last crossing. We were very relieved to see Chris standing on the dock waiting for us, only the trial by Bob awaited us now!! (Bob being the tender to Sarah-Grace), not the most stable of sea going craft!!
A few days of settling in and touring the island by Golf Buggy saw us in need of a holiday from all this sailing business!!! We went back to the mainland and hired a car and went on a four day tour of Mayan ruins. The extent of the Mayan building makes those Egyptians look like children with building blocks!! No imagination!! We had a great time learning about the Mayan lifestyle coupled with cheap hotels, food and beer. Now back aboard catching with the mundane things like washing clothes, shopping etc. We are waiting for the wind to change direction, possibly about Tuesday then we will head off to Havana.