St Lucia at last

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 13 Mar 2006 12:56
March, ?12th, Monday 2006 St Lucia.
We finally arrived here yesterday, after what felt like rather a lot of sailing, motoring, and crashing about the place.  The first leg (a mere 80 mile passage) from Trinidad to Grenda was just sailable, despite wind and current being against us.  We left at lunch and crashed on through the night, passing Grenda at dawn.  We expect funny gusts and weird seas at either end of these islands where the Atlantic pounds in, and were not disappointed.  Coming up the island chain is a Jeckle and Hyde experience.  It alternates from upto 30 knot headwinds, with a massive Atlantic swell in between the islands, throwing spray and waves all over the boat in a wild ride, during which all hatches are bolted, and you hang on for dear life, to Kensington pond smoothness with winds under 10 knots, whilst in the lee of the islands.   You then open all the hatches, shake yourself like a wet dog, and say,'Phew!'.  There is usually time for a meal  and a bit of re-stowing of liberated stuff, before taking a deep breath and swinging around the end of another island into the whistling wind and sea again. We repeated this at least seven times up to St Lucia, over 220 miles.
Hilariously, the girls pronounced themselves freezing when we arrived.  This is because the temperature has dropped from 38'C in the shade to 29'C.  The sea also feels chilly, as it is now only 25'C, as oppose to 28'C.  We have moved from 10N to 13N. They insisted on eating in the saloon because it was too cold outside.....We are planning to return to England next month and will obviously be ill-prepared for this return to the north pole at 52N.
otti says :ha ha we're  HERE  !!!!   on the passage we stopped off at Union for a pit stop and a break  from the  wavy,   crashy,   sea  .   Looking forward to seeing Fred  .    Last night  just after we'd eaten mum and dad crashed out, mum managing to get to the bed ,   dad just crashing out on the sofa!   All of the plates were left on the table  including  the  left  overs.  So  me and mimi stayed up for hours playing   and  stuff !!   otti  ( - :       (smile)
Mimi says:  'I can't wait for Fred to get over, and I am not very happy about the going home to the North Pole as Mum says. Every morning I have shake for breakfast.  Still a little tired from the three day sail. Greetings to everybody. from Mimi.'
(Mum says: We are on super healthy banana, papaya, apple, yoghurt, linseed and soya shake breakfasts)