N 16' W 25'

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 3 Dec 2005 15:19
On Passage to Ilha De Sta Luzia, from Sal, Dec 3rd.
Stayed in Sal for two days.  A slight shock when I tried to reprovison the boat after seven days at sea, as there were ancient dried up cabbages which were really expensive, and a few sprouty potatoes on offer.   It is such a desert island that they can't grow anything, and everything has to be flown or shipped in.  The people were charming and beautiful.  We had a great swim in the surf on the south of the Island yesterday, then bought five apples at great expense, and set off for another island one hundred and twenty miles away.  We are doing passages like that with very little fuss now.  
I only have one tomato and two cabbages and one apple left on board now.  The place we are heading to is uninhabited, and we are hoping to anchor and REST for two days before going to the 'city' of Mindelo on Santa Vincente, reprovisioning, and tackling the Atlantic crossing....
Unfortunately yet again we have not caught any fish,(apart from flying fish which land on the boat) so will be eating tinned meat and cabbage and alfalfa sprouts for the next few days.  Otti is making some bread as I type.