Curacao to Jamaica 12th February 2007

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 14 Feb 2007 22:01
Curacao to Jamaica 12th February onwards....
We are into our third day of what has been a really truly horrible passage.   There have been strong 30 knot plus winds, and huge seas, with little waves living on big waves, with their tops blowing into spume, with patches of white foam flying down their flanks.   The big waves are like a moving landscape, leviathans, coming grandly under, over and round the Sarah Grace, who has been like a storm tossed cork.  We have been fighting over the sick bucket.  Mimi has been worst off, and was still repeatedly getting sick this morning, third day out.
With sea sickness, a sense of hopelessness sets it quickly, the feeling of being interminably  trapped on this careening boat for days and days is horrible.  Our fresh water tanks are now brine, as on the first night we were being and pitched and rolled so much that we think that sea water got into them through the breather hole.  So we are drinking water from jerry cans, which we have plenty of.
Today has been a bit better.  We cooked and ate some rice, and it has not reappeared yet.