The daily routine. 36 26N 49 32W

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 6 Jun 2007 12:09
With the excitements of previous days behind us things are back in to more of a routine. Steady winds also help: yesterday a light westerly just sufficient to fill the spinnaker and after a few hours motoring on glassy seas last night,a constant 15knts from the south east today. So close-hauled now but making directly for our waypoint at good speed.
 The day starts late with everyone catching up on the sleep missed during night watches. 9am is the time for the morning radio net with an exchange of positions between yachts and local wind conditions discussed along with any other news and recently received forecasts. Breakfast whenever any one is awake and lunch about 1.30pm. At 4.30pm it is check in for Herb's weather/routeing broadcast and then a wait for about an hour until he gets to our area of the Atlantic and his brief talk with us ourselves. At 7pm we have the evening radio net,discussing Herb's latest advice etc. Then supper, immediately after which I head for bed. I+K are on watch until 11pm, and I do 11pm-3am while they sleep. At 3am we change over- I+K back on watch for 4 hours, then 7am I take over until they emerge anytime mid morning.
  One of the preoccupations today has been the fate of 2 dozen eggs. They definitely made it aboard but after an intensive search, they haven't been found. Hopefully we will find them before their smell guides us to them.
 This evening a couple of numerical milestones have been passed: we are now out of the 50s longitudes and the distance to the Azores is in 3 figures for the first time- almost there then....