Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 9 Mar 2006 02:02
March 7th Wednesday Chaguaramas
We are saying our goodbyes to our floating neighbours, and preparing for another passage north.   Our boat has forgotten what it means to hurtle around on the open Atlantic, and will be reminded very soon.  We will try and do as much as we can in two days before pulling in somewhere to sleep.  If the wind allows it we will head east of Grenada through the ocean, and try to save time and distance.  If it is too much on the nose, we will have to go more west, and motor sail up the sheltered side.
We hope to arrive in St Lucia some time on Sunday, or failing that Monday, just before Freddy arrives.  Hopefully he will find his ticket, which was sent by TNT last week, and which he has tracked to Nuneaton.(???? come on Fred: get a grip and find your ticket!!!!!)
Leaving here is like leaving the security of the modern world.  If you want something fixed, it can be done here on the same day.  Any boat part you want is here.  Our friend puttered past in his dinghy this morning with his radar in it, off to get it repaired on the spot.  Food is cheap, available, and great.  There are cinemas, and in Chaguaramas, the folk of 2,000 yachts.  It's like a yacht city: chat show on the radio every morning with the days activities, tours, security information and much more.  Featuring 'Unwanted treasures of the bilge', we decided to radio in with a free tosser, but weren't up in time....
Our satellite link has not been working, so you may have to wait until next week to get anymore news.   Off to bed now!
Otti says: 'I have a cold and it is really bad, but it's kind of going away.  It should of cleared up by tomorrow'.  'Looking forward to Fred coming'.