All change 29 45N 55 47W, 1am,thursday

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 31 May 2007 04:26
At last the long anticipated change of wind direction happened this morning, heralded by another very wet grey squall. It took a while to sink in that we could make our course without being close-hauled for the first time in 4 rough slow days. At first we could hardly believe it, so carried on closehauled any way, fully expecting the wind to revert to its previous direction. Then the low grey clouds began to lift and we even had a glimpse of blue sky. So time to bear off and we were making good speed in rather more comfort than usual.
 Through the afternoon the wind gradually died and the sun occasionally broke through and now, guess what- we are motoring. In theory we are pushing through a  ridge of high pressure that followed the low and into some more wind. Sadly it is forecast to be E or NE so more up wind sailing to come it seems, although not so strong as recently.
 Lots of chat on the radio with our neighbours- a posse of 6 boats all within about a 50mile radius:company in the midst of this huge ocean.