Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 15 Aug 2005 16:29
We are in Camirinas Ria, planning to leave and sail around Cap Finisterre tomorrow, all being well.   It has been Fiesta in Camirinas, so food has been hard to come by as the shops have been mainly closed for three days.  We have been living off a beach crawling with cockles and mussels, so shellfish has been the order of the day with blackberry crumble from the wild brambles.   Mimi is sad for the cockles when they get cooked....  It has been blowing force six for the last three days in the anchorage, which has made rowing ashore a real challenge.   Trying to row into a force six is almost impossible, and very tiring.
Chris building Otti's Cupboard
We have met a great family living in a Looe Prawner which is 107 years old,called Vilona May, and it is bright yellow.  They are sailing to the West Indies.   They rebuilt the boat after it had sat for 18 years with the tide washing through it on a westcountry estruary.   Chris and Marsha have two small children called Noah and Kezzie.  Chris has been working on the Sarah Grace and made a brilliant job of rebuilding Otti's cupboard to store more stuff, and built a new door.
After much thought and discussion, Chris and I have decided to try and sail to Madeira from the Rias in Spain, without a third adult; a sail of about seven hundred miles which will take us the better part of a week.   This is far further than we have ever been before offshore and we are unsure of how we are going to manage it, so it will be a good trial before we consider the Atlantic.   
Otti says,"Six days sounds a bit dodgy but otherwise cool".
Mimi says,"It's ok as long as I can eat rice cakes in the cockpit".
Mimi Fishing as the tide rises in the evening.
"I was waiting for the fish to come to me".