Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 13 Nov 2005 08:40
Hard at Work in Tenerife 12th November 2005
The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, as we have been doing boatwork.   Sarah Grace was hauled out of the water at the next door harbour, where we were going to screw on a ground plate, onto the outside of the hull.  Of course we also discovered that the antifouling needed replacing, as well as various anodes.   So in a bout of frenzied activity, we acheived it all in a day, coming out at 9am, and returning to the sea at six o'clock, just before dusk.
Here is Chris getting ready to paint the anti-fouling.
Here is the Sarah Grace heading back to sea on the travel lift at dusk.  After all the yard work, the next few days were spent with Bill Sparey, as he fitted the SSB radio.   Everything was moved around the boat in great piles, and there was nowhere to even sit down easily for a few days.  Two new windows have been fitted in the aft cabins to give move light and ventilation. 
We have spent the last two days rebuilding the boat....and she now looks very smart with all her new paint, and back to normal inside.
It has been very windy and cloudy and quite cool for the last week, so we have not been swimming.  We are all still settling down after our marvellous break in England.   I am trying to prepare the food supplies for around thirty days for five people....I keep hearing of all these different ways of doing it, like putting all the food for one week in a box, or making meal bags to be grabbed each day, with a collection of tins in them.   All the food has to be checked for vermin, as there are rampant cockraoches here, running over the dock in swarms.   I am slightly bamboozled by the enormity of the task, and am rather blindly filling lockers with masses of food in a rather haphazard fashion.  We will probably find that we have fifty tins of tuna and no tomato ketchup......
So who is this fifth person?  The Stevemeister, as Freddy calls him, is a long time family friend, and he is joining us next week to help us sail down to the Cape Verdes and across the Atlantic to somewhere in the Carribbean.  Chris and I thought long and hard about whether we needed extra hands on deck, and finally thought that it would be helpful and prudent to have an extra adult onboard.   This will help with reducing the watch load on us all, and also mean that I will have more time to do cooking and schooling with the girls.