Ria Muros

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 20 Aug 2005 11:23
Ria Muros: Muros 17th August 2005
A lovely granite town with tiny twisting streets which amazingly hasn't been levelled by the bulldozers, unlike so many other Galicean towns and villages.  The Spanish are very proud of new buildings, and everywhere you go you see cranes building concrete blocks of flats.
We camped off a tiny beach up the ria, with a granite slab with a fresh water stream, where we swam and washed ourselves and lots of clothes. 
Photographs are now temporarily suspended, as Chris threw my camera into the sea to revenge the hosing of his shortwave radio by me,(water came through an slightly opened hatch whilst I was cleaning  the deck).  If you include the mobile phone that went swimming in Appledore,  our tally of drowned gadjets is becoming expensive....
THREE CHEERS FOR FRED WHO HAS PASSED ALL HIS A-LEVELS!!!  We have just spoken to Fred and found out that he has got the grades he needs to get to Warrick University to do genetics!  Must be genetic.
Here are two old photos as we have no new ones!
Mignons Jug goes sailing!
Otti and Mimi Play Julips...