Mexico Passage

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 22 Mar 2007 15:37
On passage to Mexico,  N 21'.07  W83'.56 22nd March Thursday 2007
We are rolling along through glittering peaky seas, on a dead downwind run, feeling a little queasy.   It was a good night, on my watch we did 35 miles in five hours, then the seas  built up a bit, the wind dropped, and we are now sailing into a current which is some sort of back eddy from the Yucatan channel, taking us south and east.  Further out into the channel the current will have a strong northerly set, we have been told as much as seven knots, but this is not specified in Reeds.  Our sailing buddies on Jem, who have stayed in Cuba, are chatting to us twice a day to keep our position logged, which is more security than we have had on any other passage, and is much appreciated.
The girls are watching 'Grease' on the lap-top, having had Pringles and orange juice for breakfast.  Even when they feel sea-sick, such is their mania for crisps, that they will eat them.  They refused all other sustenance, but when offered Pringles said 'YES!! but we don't have any!', then of course I produced my last tube which I had been carefully hiding behind the rice in a back locker.   I have succumbed to the Cuban habit of eating curd cheese with quince jelly, and had a plate load for breakfast.   It is really important to keep eating in these rolling seas, to help keep from sliding into a sea-sick torpor.