Day 7 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Tue 13 Dec 2005 12:02
Day 7, Atlantic Crossing. Position 13'N 35'W. December 13th.
Hello!  We are SAILING!!!!!!!!!!!!   The wind finally came in last evening, pushing us along at three knots overnight, and now increasing so that we are doing six knots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If everyone at home keeps blowing, we may even get there before Christmas!!
It's a bit of an uncomfortable roller coaster with the big swells, but hey, we don't want to live out here forever!  In another couple of days we will be a third across, with, gulp, two thirds to go.... a funny thought to think that we have been sailing all this time, and land is still closest behind us.
Otti woke this morning with a dead flying fish on her bed, tangled up in her sarong.   Screams all round.  Dad removed it.   It must have flown in through the over head hatch. 
Family at home are much missed.  Otti rang Harriet last night on the sat-phone and then promptly  had hysterics and wanted to go home.....
Thank you all for the emails especially those containing jokes and puzzles.  All such entertainment very greatfully received, we would kill for a newspaper or magazine.   So everyone, got any  good jokes?? ( Thanks sis for the last lot!)
Lunch: Old tomato bread.  Supper: Beef stew (again) with suprise suprise cabbage.