Union Island

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 18 Jan 2006 21:13
Union Island, January 18th 2006
We are all really enjoying it here, we are in a really good anchorage with free wifi internet access, which is amazing.  We can log on any time of day or night. Thus seduced by techno-wizardry, we are still in situ.  We are also surrounded by friendly boats, and tonight we have been invited to go and have taccos on Regina.
We are doing lots of swimming and diving practice off the boat.  Today we got up at dawn and went for a longish walk over the hill to the other side of the island.  We saw pelicans, an osprey, a mangrove cuckoo, an Antillean crested hummingbird, a tropical mockingbird, plus lots more...  We walked on to the next village, and Chris stopped to help two men pull over a semi-chopped down tree, as although they had machettied it to a pencil thick trunk, they still couldn't pull it over.  All that winch grinding is looking good on him.
We then took shelter from a rainshower, and got back to the boat by 9am, in time for school.  (Do I have to Mum?  I'm tired etc. etc. etc.)
We are getting ready to move on to Grenada, a new country, in the next few days.  'Getting ready' means that Chris and I have conversation along the lines of:
Chris:  'What are we doing today?'
Soph:   'We need to buy some eggs.'
Chris:   'Aren't we going to Grenada?  I have to check out.'
Soph:   'We've been asked over to Regina tonight'
Chris:   'It's quite nice here.'
Soph:   'We'll think about it tomorrow.'
Yesterday we had to re-anchor as another boat anchored badly infront of us,(amazingly they were French), so close that we needed to put fenders out...
After we pulled the anchor up we decided that we may as well go to Palm Island for lunch, an island about a mile and a half away with a luxory resort.   It was bristling with security guards, so we had a swim and a snorkel and then pushed off back to Union Island.