Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 29 Dec 2006 16:09
Happy Christmas Everyone!!!!
Here is Mimi up the rigging on Christmas Eve, keeping a look-out for Santa, in her Christmas hat.  'Hi it is me mimi.' 
We are still at anchor by ourselves in a tiny bay, and have just had a huge Christmas dinner of baked ham and pineapple and roast potatoes.   We have had an idyllic time swimming, pelican watching, and playing and opening presents.  It has been slightly odd because we have not said hello to anyone else, and Christmas is usually such a social time.  Why isn't Christmas always this simple??
Thankyou for all of our lovely presents, it was so exciting opening them.  You've all been really generous, we have a treasury of new DVD's and books.  xxxxx
We have a large resident shoal of fish living under the boat who have just eaten all the leftover stuffing and gravy.
We hope that we may be able to stay here a little longer, you are really only meant to stay two days as it is a nature reserve.   We have started going for swims twice day in the same way that you would normally go for a family walk.
Otti says: 'Hi Hi Happy Christmas!  Hope you got loads of presents.  I got a green nano ipod!  Yaaaay!  Happy Christmas!'