A Coruna

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 5 Aug 2005 22:55
We have been in A Coruna for five days.  It is not 'Offtrack' and full of weatherly blue water cruisers, heading south, some to the med, and some to the Canarias.  It's great to meet all the liveaboards and hear their plans.   Most boats are waiting for the seas and winds to calm before tackling Cap Finesterre, if heading south, or Cap Ortega if going north.  This is a picture of Cap Ortega as we came south.
There then ensued a long rather windy, sick making beat for the next five hours, until I came on watch and turned on the engine and headed into Ria Cedera, where we dropped anchor.   We joined the barnacle fiesta and ate a shed load of barnacles, which were nicer without the skin, and really very good eating indeed, a cross between prawn and crab.  Chris says they taste like mussels.  We also ate a big scary plate of octopus.
This photo was taken by a great American family of maths proffs on a very speedy boat called Veritas, Matt and Dottie.  We  were in a very beautiful Ria called Ria Barquero waiting for a good wind to round Ortega.
A Coruna is fantastic.   It is exploding with fireworks, Galicean culture ( lots of bagpipes, drums, and Celtic dress, for those of you in the dark this is Welshstyle) and brilliant food.   There is a great beach close by, and lots of other boats with kids, at last, eureka.   We are having one hour of Spanish lessons every morning at dieth en punta (ten o'clock) with Naomia and Sarah, who are really great teachers.
Mimi had a proper birthday party today with six other children and a Simpsons cake, and played pass the parcel under the awning.  We hosed down the coach house roof after the birthday tea......
Freddy has been visiting us with Mary Claire for the last few days which has been great for all of us.  He said 'My, Spain is a lively place', as he watched all the bagpipe bands jostle around with salsa bands on the streets.