Sailing on

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 31 May 2007 09:58
Chris had told me at the start of this trip that we don't do "up hill" sailing. I always thought that "up hill" sailing refered to sailing against the wind, but as that is all we ever seem to have done, I'm sure his analogy wrong. The past 60hrs or so you could be forgiven of thinking that we were actually sailing in the U.K, as the rain and winds were so bad. A Canadian boat sailing close to us and also heading for the Azores/Britain, asked what we thought of the weather and Chris remarked that it was exactly like the U.K, except warmer, he is now thinking of going somewhere else.
What a difference a day makes! Twenty four hours ago we were battling into 30Knt winds, and now we are running before a light breeze with calm seas under a full moon that makes the whole scene very beautiful. What makes it even better is that for the first time on this leg we are actually pointing to the Azores. Life definitely takes on a new pace at sea and you measure your progress in so many ways. A couple of days ago we passed the halfway mark from Mexico to the Azores, distance wise, which actually makes you realise how far you have to go but by the weekend we will have passed the halfway mark for the whole trip, if the weather stays kind.