Day 5 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 11 Dec 2005 14:14
Day 5 Atlantic Crossing 13'N 32'W December 11th
Guess what!  Still no wind out here.  We are sitting in a huge wind hole, creating by Hurricane Epsilon remnants and another low further north.  We have just turned off the engine for the first time since last night, and are sailing at three knots in a seven knot wind..............The boat is boiling, as it gets very hot when you run the engine for hours.
We may get some wind tonight, or we may have to wait until Wednesday, judging by the latest radio gossip and grib files.
Mimi says: 'Loving school, very fun, having fun doing Pippa Funnel (horse computer game) and miss you all, from Mimi'.
Steve says: ' Nice to be sailing again. Could you all blow in this direction please!'
Chris says: 'The cockpit has turned into a tented squatters camp'.
Otti says:  'It's really hot, but we went swimming yesterday which was really nice'.
We were so becalmed yesterday that we turned off the engine and all swam around for twenty minutes, shampooing down in seawater, and rinsing off in fresh.  It is slightly unnerving to be swimming in fathomless ocean.  When you look down you see bright blue going into black, with rays of sun whizzing down into the deep.  I keep a very shark lookout........We don't all swim together so there are always two adults on board should the boat get a little frisky and decide to get away. 
We are having chicken fajitas for lunch, washed down with brown sediment laiden water from the Cape Verdes, and ?stew? for supper.