Trindad carnival

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Tue 7 Mar 2006 09:28
Trinidad Carnival 5th March 2006
Apologies for the radio silence over the last week.  The scale of activities here has precluded anything so sensible as sending reports.   The boat became a ghastly dumping ground of filthy clothes as we rushed in and out, and off to the next mind boggling event.  We were all exhausted, and were not even performers!   There has been a national (and family) sigh of relief, as it is all over.  Port of Spain seemed to recover remarkably quickly from being a party ground for several hundred thousand people, and is now back to being the capitol city.
Here is a lorryload of muddy people returning from Jouvet.  We didn't get anything like as muddy as this, but I had one of the most wonderful times of my life dancing along with the pan bands in the dawn.  The dance is slow,  an almost trance like rhythmic march called chipping.
Here are a tiny selection of pictures of the carnival parade proper that went on on the Tuesday after Jouvet.  They danced past throughout the boiling day, thousands and thousands of people in so many different spectacular costumes..
Since then we have been to an amazing bird sanctuary in the rain forest up in the mountains, and visited our local friends.  Here is a picture of Otti and Mimi in the mini-van.
We now have a couple of days to get organized before the slog to windward, north to St Lucia.  Freddy is coming out to join us there during Easter for a couple of weeks.  I am not ready to leave Trinidad, it is such a great place.