Cigars Anyone?

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 19 Apr 2007 11:04
Position 23 N 83 47' W About 10 miles N of Cuba
At last were off, although not exactly sailing as the winds are so light. We left Isla Mujeres two days ago and as the winds have been light, about 10/11 Knts, we have been motor sailing most of the way. The island was a very nice place with the people being very relaxed and friendly. Despite being a major tourist area you never felt under great pressure to buy stuff or felt you were being ripped off.  Chris was quite happy to get away after nearly a month there and as the anchor came up shouted "That,s it I,m going home" Karen got in some helming practice early on the first afternoon when we passed very close to a Turtle swimming lazily along, a Dolphin also did a back flip very close to the boat. The first night out is alway an anxious time but to be on night watch wearing a T-shirt and shorts is a new experience for me. I had also forgotten just how many stars there are in the sky, as the nights have been totally cloudless with excellent visibility. We expect to arrive in Havana at around 22.00H GMT so should then have a couple for days doing the touristy bit