Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 2 Oct 2005 21:49
Maderia, 2nd October  
This is a truly amazing island.  It changes from desert to ancient foggy forest, to terraced tropical fruit groves all within the space of half an hour.  A head for heights helps, as it rises so steeply from the sea.  We are all exausted from two days of charging around on levanter walks, where we walk along the irrigation streams cut into the side of cliffs, and mountain hikes, where you wobble along the crests of mountains.   We have also swum off a boulder beach in the surf, which calls for a good sense of timing getting in and out of the sea, and been to an adventure water park, with massive slides.
We have been travelling in convoy with Regina crew and Koshlong crew, all in identical hirecars, with seven children and six adults in toto.  It has felt like the Italian job at times, with cliffs galore everywhere.
We have been buying lovely food from roadside farm shops, lots of fruits which we haven't seen before, all really fresh.
ps. my washing did blow off, but was visible on the bottom, and Chris and Otti fished it out with a fishing rod the next day.