Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Tue 24 Jan 2006 15:11
January 24th, Tuesday, 2006 Happy Birthday to Chris!
(this is otti) dad got heaps of stuff:2 shirts ,  gwava jam,  a sparkly  pencil sharpener  and  the book  "Three men in a boat".
     It started pouring like madness half way through the present opening so mum unexpectedly jumped out of   bed in her nighty with a packet  of plasticine !
She was opening the water tank and sticking plasticine around it steering the water into the tank .   In her excitement she dropped three sticks of plasticine  into the SEA (guess who has to go and get them) !
     Um I cant think what to write , oo I know, it is very windy and blowing here .   Dad remarked this morning that even if he goes to the Caribbean it always rains on his birthday .    It all comes back to me now , yeh, mimi got sick this morning   all over the carpet   ( not for the FIRST  time) because she has an infection on her leg and the cream does not work so we decided on medicine  .  
 Mimi  (being mimi)  has decided to tack an instant dislike to the stuff and feel so sick that it makes her sick.   Good bye otti