Atlantic Crossing round 2.

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 25 May 2007 02:43
  A week has already raced by since we arrived here.We have been steadily ticking off the tasks on the job list even though we knew that strong headwinds were forecast til the end of the week, so plenty of time to do everything before the next leg you would have thought. Well, yesterday the forecast suddenly started to look promising for departure tomorrow (friday morning) and now there is a big rush to complete the last jobs. And guess what, today is a public holiday so nothing is open for the pre-departure fresh food provisioning, filling with water and diesel etc. Whatever, we will be ready for the off tomorrow.
  This evening crews from a motley collection of about 6 boats got together over a beer or two to exchange contact details, radio schedules and frequencies, along with the usual weather speculation, as we are all leaving in the same direction tomorrow. We have arranged a twice daily chat time so we can keep an eye out for each other, share advice and no doubt indulge in more hours of weather speculation.
  So,it is out to sea in the morning, destination the Azores, about 1800miles away.