3rd night at sea

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 12 May 2007 06:43
27 05N 75 00W  0122am  Night watch on an empty ocean, no moon, distant flashes of lightning,sails/wind/rudder in balance with the hydrovane(wind powered self steering system) keeping us on course. Almost a third of the journey to Bermuda behind us,slow progress as light winds but wind increased tonight so speed better. Karen producing mountains of good food. The realisation that reaching Bermuda will mean completion of only a quarter of the overall distance is starting to sink in. Just need to keep clocking up the miles. Steady persistence will see us home- a good lesson for life in general.
 Enough tired ramblings. All well aboard, forecast for a bit more wind monday,light/variable meanwhile.