Slow progess

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 4 May 2007 17:10
Who would want to sail? We would love to, unfortunately we are getting adverse winds at the moment, despite the best assurances of the forecasters. I will never complain about the weather forecasts in Britain again, at least their right some of the time. We have continually been told the winds would be East or even South of East but the only time this has happened is when were at anchor! Desipte this we have progessed up the Florida Keys in shallow water nearly all the way, it's very strange sailing along watching the bottom pass by. We have spotted all the usual wild life Turtles, Dolphins and Rays that throw themselves out of the water. Miami turned out to be different again from Key West, we were obviously in the very expensive part of town judging by the number of palatial mansions around. The shops were also terribly twee and posh, you almost feel you have to be invited in, even the bank was decked out like a private club with easy chairs, coffee etc. the supermarket was unbelievable in the range of goods that you can get but an internet cafe and laundry defeated us, the total opposite to Cuba & Mexico. now on our way North to Fort Lauderdale, which doesn't sound terribly cruiser friendly so hopefully we won't stay long. With a bit of luck we will get some wind soon from the right direction and be off to Bermuda but the signs don't look to hopeful.